Some Past Due "Thank You"s.

I have only been doing this craft blog for a few months now, and sometimes I feel like I'm just sitting in a corner talking to myself. It's like I'm in high school waiting for the cute guy to notice how awesome I am.

And when it does happen, I am a dork and forget to say something back. "Take Luck!" and "You, too!" and whatnot.

Can you see the visual?

 So that is what this post is about. Catching up on it all. First, check out on the side bar I have a few places that have featured me. AWESOME!!! Some I sent stuff to and asked if they'd share. But some I just got emails/comments saying they'd already done it! WAHOO! I am also listed on AllFreeSewing.com and CraftGossip.com. Thanks to those who linked me up there.

And lastly, I was given some awards by a few of my fellow crafty bloggers a while ago and kept meaning to follow through on it, but alas, I'm still just a dork... :o)  

These three (maybe only 2 since 2 have the same name...) awards were given to me by The Sassy Crafter and Bree at My Crafty Crap.


 The conditions of all these awards are:
1) Thank the person
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs
4) Let the award winners know

So, let me start with THANKS MRS. SASSY CRAFTER AND BREE!!! I feel loved. Maybe I'm not talking to only myself and my dad. HI DAD!

Next, 7 things?
  • I was team captain of both the basketball and volleyball teams back in high school, and boy to I miss that body!  Back then it was accepted right away when I said, "I play volleyball and basketball". Now they look at my nearly 60 extra pounds and say, "really?" No, not really, I'm just a pathological liar trying to impress you. YES REALLY!
  • I didn't wear the color pink until I was a senior in high school (then it was my sister's old dress...) because I was told red heads can't wear pink. Whenever my mom got my sister and I matching clothes in different colors, hers was pink and mine was purple. Because of this, I'm not a fan of purple, but currently own at least 3 pink shirts (I have a rather small wardrobe).
  • When I'm pregnant, I have no mother's intuition. I was sure Hero was a girl and thought Pretty was a boy. My husband, however, was right about them both.
  • I'm not a great housekeeper, even though I have worked as a custodian in the past. Knowing how to do something well doesn't mean I like to do it. I feel the same way about counted cross stitch. Shoot me.
  • I enjoy doing laundry. The clean scent. The warm clothes. The crisp folded piles. But then I hate putting it away...
  • I took a ride on a homemade zipline this weekend and slipped off right at the end, landing on my tushie. I currently have an ugly bruise on my right butt cheek.
As for the 15 blogs. . .

Oh, wait one more thing about me.
  • I hate chain mail. If I get an email with a really awesome motivational story in it that I love, but at the end it tells me I have to pass it on or I will "lose my true love and I must hate puppies and kick small children daily", I delete it. If I decide to send the story to a few people I know will like it, I delete the bottom part. Mostly, though I just delete it.

So knowing this, I will still list a few people. You can take one (or all) of the awards and enjoy it without having to pass it on if you don't want.


Bree said...

You are very welcome!

I feel the same way about those chainmails & took the longest time to pass along these awards for the same reason! You certainly weren't required to pass the awards along, but I felt you were certainly deserving.

Oh, and obviously not just your dad hanging out here. :)

Ruby in the Dust said...

thank you so much! it's nice to discover new blogs like yours; I know how it can feel a bit lonely without comments sometimes :)I'll do a post on this soon!

Julie Schreier said...

Your super cute Sock Monkey was just featured on Craft Gossip. I just saw it on Facebook and had to come look at you blog. Blogging can definitely play trick with your mind as far as wondering if anyone is reading. Keep up the good work your tutorial looks great.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

oh thank you so so so much. I feel honored. I love your monkeys. so cute.