Attack of the Sock Monkeys

Meet Sock Monkey Pete and Pretty's-sock-monkey-that-has-yet-to-be-named (I'm open for suggestions). They are important in our family.

When I was pregnant with Hero, I had a friend tell me to take a picture with him and a stuffed animal every month for the first year to show how he grew. One month came and I pulled out Sock Monkey Pete, whom I had made (and named) in high school.

And thus started a tradition.

Don't you just love the screaming one?

When Hero (almost 3 in this picture) saw me taking pictures with Pretty and her monkey, he ran, grabbed his monkey, and had to be a part of it. (The hubby had to take him outside and distract so I could get one of just Pretty.)

You might notice that the un-named monkey has different flowers to match her owner's. I made a loop to hook on the flowers. When Pretty's first year is over, I might stitch a permanent flower on.

A co-worker of my husband saw the monthly updates I do on my family blog and requested that I show how I make the sock monkeys. It's pretty good timing, since I have a few pregnant friends. . . one with twins. One boy and one girl. So I made these for them.

I'm working on the tutorial, which I will put up later today.


Corinne said...

I know this was FOREVER ago, but I've been reading all your old posts lately... You've probably already named the new sock monkey, but you should name it Rose.