Costume Safety.

I tried to just let it go, but this has been eating at me all last night and today. I submitted my cotton candy costume to a bigger crafting blog and lucky me! They picked it! It was featured on Saturday!

But then I got an email from the blog administrator on Sunday night saying she had removed the feature because of some "nasty comments" concerning the safety of the plastic on the costume. I didn't get to read these comments, but I still understand her reason for choosing to remove it. Safety is extremely important with children and babies. Safe costumes, and especially, proper supervision of your children is key.

I want to clear a few things up.

  • It is not plastic, like a plastic bag. It is vinyl. Stiff, sewing vinyl. 
  • It is sewn down and away from her face. 
  • I put her in the costume feet first, her face is never covered.
  • I won't put her in the car seat with it on because I wouldn't be able to secure her properly.
  • I, or my husband, will be watching her (and most likely holding her) the whole time she is wearing the costume.
And most importantly, I would not have made the costume if I was concerned about it being a safety risk. I know this costume is safe. But even so, she will be supervised while wearing it, not because this specific costume concerns me, but because she is a baby, and needs to be watched, no matter what she is wearing.


Unknown said...

Wow, unbelievably lame! I swear, that is the thing that surprised me the most with starting my own blog... the off-color comments here and there... Sorry that is resulted in the loss of a feature.

You are safe. You love your daughter and your costume is VERY cute!

Alea said...

The costume is so cute!... And like you mentioned, so long as you don't put her to bed in it, or secure her in her car seat with it on (like with many other padded costumes) I don't see why it would be a problem. They make thick plastic bibs don't they?!

People are just silly.