Bubble Bee Tutorial (bug 1 of 3)

Whew! It's finally here! Thanks for your patience as I figure out how everything works. And now that patience has paid off!

First thing you will need is to gather your supplies:

  • small amounts of yellow, black and white fabric
  • 5/8" black satin ribbon (for feet)
  • 1/2" button (for nose)
  • small amount of white and blue felt for eyes
  • basic sewing supplies
  • Bug Pattern Pieces (this will give you all the pieces for all 3 bugs)

After you get things together, cut out your pattern pieces:

Next, you will fold the stripe sides in so they meet in the center and iron flat:

Place stripes on body piece. Measure 2" from the tail end and pin the first stripe on. The next stripe will be at the 4" mark (or leave a 1" space between the two stripes).

Sew the stripes on. I chose to use white thread on the black, but black would look nice as well.

Repeat for all body/stripe pieces.
Then trim the overhanging stripe edges.

Next step is to make the wings. Iron on interfacing to each piece. Sew around the edges on a 1/4" seam, starting and stopping at the small dots to make for easier turning.

Trim tip, turn and press.

Pin wings to one body piece between stripes. Baste wings on. Set aside.

Cut 6 pieces of ribbon 2 1/2" long.

Pin legs on one body piece, 3 on each side. Baste legs on.

At this point, you should now have 4 pieces. Lay them out like the picture below, all the tail ends pointed the same direction.

Fold top pieces over and pin each half on the top side. Sew on a 1/2" seam starting a stopping at dots on the pattern piece.

Lay two halves down, tail ends facing the same way:

Fold over top half over, pin. Sew around leaving a 2" gap on one end (it really doesn't matter which end you choose) for turning and stuffing. I like to place 2 pins close together to mark where to start and stop:

Sew around. You will sew in the seams from before. Snip the seam so that it will open and look better when stuffed.

Turn the body right side out and stuff. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Make face by stitching on the button over the intersection of seams. Then cut the eyes from pieces of felt and hand stitch on.

And now you're done! Enjoy your Bumble Bee Buddy!

And don't forget to make his friends!

Ladybug Buddy and Spider Bug Buddy!


Lena said...

I am so glad you got these up! I guess that means Alice got the pattern scanned in right. They are adorable!

Leslie said...

These are so cute!!! I featured you on my blog http://hobbied.blogspot.com my boys are going to love these =)

Camille Cloutier said...

Love these ... so cute. Posted them on my blog: scrapsbycamille.blogspot.com
Thanks for the tutorial!!

jmintuck said...

BzzzZZZZZZT! I would have LUVVED that bee as a kid. Just add a little triangle black piece in the end to make a little stinger to "make it real" like.

I kinda wish I was little now instead of big, so I CAN have a bee like this and show Mommy the pattern for her to make me one.

Becky J. said...

great idea and totally cute!

sarimol said...

how can we make a car with fabric?

Nueyer said...

That chubby bee is so cute!!!! That'll bring a smile to anyone