Sock Monkey Tutorial

Let's make cute Sock Monkeys!


  • Socks. 
    • For these monkeys I used regular women's socks (not knee highs, they are too long) I bought at WalMart, but if you want the classic sock monkey look, I've found those at the Arm Navy Outfitters store
  • stuffing
  • buttons for eyes
  • embroidery thread
  • regular sewing supplies

Choose your socks. Cut the first sock as shown. 

  • Cut #1: measure 2 in" up from heel first, then cut across.
  • Cut #4: Be sure to cut top and then bottom. If you just snip it with the layers together, you will cut off parts of it. As you can see, it isn't normally even.

Turn the second sock inside out. Measure 1" up from white of heel and place a pin. Then pin down the center. Sew on each side of the pins, keeping the edge of pressure foot next to pins. Create a rounded end and stopping just before the 1" marker pin.

Cut down the center to the 1" mark. Trim around rounded ends. Turn and set aside.

The next step is to pin and sew the other pieces. 

Since the ears were cut on the fold, I snip a small part of the fold so I will have a turning hole that will be easy to hide later.

 Sew on edge of pressure foot. Create a rounded end for the arms. Trim rounded arm ends and turn all pieces.

Your pieces should now look like this:

You may now gather your things, move away from the sewing machine and get cozy on the couch. (I popped in a movie and everything!) Everything else is hand sewn.

Stuff body to your liking (it always takes more stuffing than I think it will). Stitch opening closed.

Take 2-3 strands of embroidery thread and tie it around the body about 4" from the top to create a neck. I start on the back, tie once in the front, bring the threads back to the back and tie a knot there. So there are 2 layers.

front view

tied in the back

Trim off extra length.

Pin the snout onto the front of the head. Hand sew around 3/4 of it. No need to turn the edge under, the knit won't fray and the little raw edge looks cute.

Stuff snout and stitch the opening closed.

Stuff arms and tail. Use a running stitch around the end and pull tight. Then attach to the body. I like the raw edge on the snout, but it leaves too much of a gap with the arms and tail for my liking. I stitch the arms and tail on about 1/2" from the edge and hide the gathered raw edge inside.

The tail is placed in the center of the heel on the body sock.

Attach the ears. I sew the two corners together first.

The ears should be placed directly on the sides in line with where the eyes will be.

The last step is to make the face. Embroider the mouth with 2 threads, following the picture:


  • To hide the ends, push the needle in from a few inches away and travel inside, coming up at your starting point. Same goes for the end thread, go under at the knot, then come up a few inches away.
  • Stitch #2 goes all the way across. Don't pull it very tight.
  • Stitch #4 is as small as you can make it. It's purpose is to hold the smile in place. My knot is in the same place.
Embroider small rectangles for the nostrils and attach the eyes.

Now you're done!!

I messed up on cutting the stripped sock, that's why the tail is short...



Bree said...

Adorable! I've seen so many of these but never realized they were so easy. Thanks for the tutorial.

Everybody knows girl monkeys have shorter tails that boy monkeys. ;)

Vivian said...

HA! Thanks for making me feel better about it!

Anne said...

They're so cute! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Pam said...

Ohhhh! These are so adorable! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I have several great neices and nephews who may just be receiving these for Christmas. :) Thank you! Pam @ Sallygoodin

rickimoo said...

I have been looking for a pattern to make a sock cow. Any ideas on how to make one? Thanks, Ricki

Vanessa at Rescued Goods said...

Just found you while blog surfing-can't wait to try this. Looks fun!

Joy Burkhart said...

Great tutorial! I've linked it to:


Thanks, these will make super Christmas gifts!

Chari at Happy To Design said...


Ohhhh...your sock monkeys are sooo adorable!!! I love that you used the beautiful blue socks...and the stripped socks!!! I just adore sock monkeys but have never tried to make one. Your tutorial is GREAT...so detailed...I think that I could make one following your directions! Thank you sooo much for sharing your awesome sock monkeys and tutorial with us!!! I love this!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Lena said...

You are getting so popular! It's no longer just me and Audrey commenting. :) I love sock monkeys. We saw some little key chain ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond today and I thought of you. You should figure out how to make them that little. Maybe kids socks?

Carli-Made by Carli said...

Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial, I viewed quite a few and your's was visually pleasing and easy to follow . . . I linked to your post today-

Whoopsie Daisy Designs said...

I have been searching all day for a cute sock monkey tutorial! I have found it! :) Yours are unique because you tie the heads (necks) I love it! Here I go... wish me luck! :)

Kati said...

Thank you for the detailed tutorial! It is so much easier to follow than any other I've found.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this great step by step tutorial. Your sock monkey is so cute! I wanted to let you know that I Have added this project to my What Can You Make with a Pair of Socks Round Up. If you would rather I delete your project from this round up please let me know.

Thanks and have a fabulous Day!

Georgina said...

Great tutorial, I followed it and made the cutest brown & blue monkey!

Unknown said...

:) Thank you. I am beginning to make these to give to children in shelters who are in need of comforting. Beginning to need help lol...what a chore to take on. I need to have many already made before I can bring them to a shelter. Once again, thank you. Oh yeah, if anyone feels like making one and sending it I will add it to the pile. It may adorn angel wings, i'm not sure yet. But hopefully there will be a tag that will say, "I want to be your friend. :)

Moore than Mommie said...

We found this tutorial on Pinterest. My daughter says this is AWESOME! We are going to make ours today!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for these very clever tutorials, my grandchildren will love them.

Riyanna Lopez said...

I have been looking for cute sock-animals for such a long time wishing to make one. Your great instruction with all the details and great tips and tricks finally made my dream come true! Thank you so much for all the effort you put in it!

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