Caterpillar Toy Tutorial

Ok. Sorry for the lack of posting here, but I got in a fight with my sewing machine. I tried to make a 90 minute shirt for Hero and it went VERY BADLY. It was completely due to my poor pattern making... I'll try again later.

But oh well, I'm back with what I do well. Toys.

Look how cute!! It'a another bug!

With the fun prints and the big button tail, how could you not want one?

Here's what you'll need:

  • 5 rectangles cut 6" x 8"  (body/top)
  • 5 rectangles cut 6" x 3"  (belly/underside)
  • 24 pieces of ribbon cut 2 1/2" long
  • small pieces of felt in white and blue
  • small black button and large color button

There's a small blue ribbon I planned to use for antenna, that I ended up not using. Sorry to confuse!

First arrange the pieces to your liking. I chose to mix and match.

Sew the top pieces all together in a strip with 1/2" seam, and repeat on the belly pieces. Press seams open.

Pin legs on the right side of the underside (6 per section/3 per side) on all sections but one end (this will be the head). Place the middle leg in the center of each piece. Pin the other two about 3/4" away from center leg. Baste on.

Sew the top to the underside into a long tube with a 1/2" seam.

Take one end and gather it together and sew it down. (I did the face end, but later wondered if I should have done the tail end instead...).

Turn the tube right side out. To stuff the body, you will stuff it one section at a time. Gather along the seam with a running stitch using 2 strands of embroidery floss (for strength).

Tie a knot on one side seam, gather over the top and end on the other side seam.

Continue one section at a time until the end.

Gather the tail end together. Here's where I thought I might have changed my mind. The machine sewn end looked nice enough to be finished... So if you don't want a large button on the tail end, just do the machine gather sew on the tail end instead of the head.

To finish up the caterpillar, sew a large button on the tail end and the face on the head end.

 And you're done!

Give it to the cutest kid you see and watch him love it!


Audrey said...

So cute!! Where did you get the fun fabric?!

Vivian said...

The fabric was from a fat quarter bundle I picked up at JoAnn's a while ago.

seemesew84 said...

I love how simple and cute this is!
I am featuring it on my blog today!