Halloween Costumes Part 1

I am not much of a Halloween person. I've never really gotten into the whole dressing up bit. I guess I usually just feel dumb about it. But when I had Hero, I was all for dressing him up! 

2007:  He was only 4 months old, so I put him in a chili pepper sleeper of my sister's that ended up being too small, so he kept sticking his foot out the seatbelt hole. And I'm horrible and have no pictures of it...

2008: I actually made him a costume! This was at the beginning of my new-found joy in sewing. I was all excited to make my little boy into an adorable panda. Sadly, I made the whole thing and it was too small. Talk about FRUSTRATING!!! But I was able to add a panel to the inseam of the body suit that gave it just the bit more it needed to fit. And I had to make an entire new hat. Isn't he cute?

simplicity 2506

Not wanting to go without any sort of costume, I dressed up this shirt with an iron on printed from my computer. That's right. I went all out.

2009: I borrowed costumes for Hero from my sister last year. A clown for some indoor parties we went to. I even purchased myself some wings and antenna, and Jake wore the same ninja costume he's been wearing since we got married 6 years ago...

For trick or treating, we went with my sister and her kids. Look how awesome she is! She made all the costumes here, plus she carried her 1 month old in a basket wrapped in a furry blanket with his face painted up to be Toto.

2010: Well, I'm not so awesome as to have the costumes ready, but here's what I've got so far.

I have finalized ideas for me and the kids.
I have bought supplies for all of Hero's and half of mine and Pretty's.
I have tried to figure out what my husband wants to be because he is sick of being a ninja every year...

I'm starting on the sewing today and I'm excited!! Stay tuned because this year, I'm going to dress up and go all out for it too... I hope...


Irina said...

oooohh! the Wizard of Oz group, its just FANTASTIC!!!!!
I can imagine the wee one dressed as Toto...! wow, I'm sure they'll all LOVE this photo in 20 years time! Brilliant, just brilliant