I'm trying to dye. And I'm doing it badly.

I saved basically all of Hero's baby clothes. And after going through them to pull out what I can for Pretty, I look at some of these stained beyond the "that's nasty" point and wonder why I kept it at all. There were some once white onsies I found in the stash that were a gross looking yellow (which doesn't say much for my laundry skills, but that's not the point here). 

I decided, since I was going to try to dye some lace fabric from white to black for my Mad Hatter hat, I would toss these yellowish and stained onsies in the batch and get some black onsies for undershirts for Pretty!

Now, I'm not sure where I went wrong, but they turned out dull and splotchy... Anyone know why that is? Because I don't.

These two are the worst in the bunch:

Do you think if I were to dye them again, it would fix the problem?

And to add to my failure in dyeing, my white lace turned into a very beautiful silver gray. I really like it and can't wait to use it, but it's not what I need for the hat project. So I had to go buy some black stuff.

Isn't is pretty, though?

And the hat is almost done! Just some finishing details and I post it soon!


Gayle said...

Cloth can dye baddly if it is not damp first. I always wash it first, let it spin and then pull it out. Don't dry it, get the dye bath ready and then plop it in. Make sure to have lots of space around ll the pcs. Never over fill the pot with cloth. I do it in the washing machine. I let it do it's "thing" then stop it for 20 min. I restart it on the agitate cycle again and stop it again. Do this 3 or 4 times then let it finish like normal. If you do it in a dye pot, just make sure to stir once in a while and let it sit for a bit betwwen them. Hope that helps.