The Much-Requested B-day Gift

My nephew's birthday was last week. He asked me more than a month ago to please make him a new animal toy, because he lost the one I had made him before. 

I promptly, and sadly, forgot. Luckily, when my mom wast asking him what he wanted for his birthday, he told her he wanted me to make him a new animal, and she called to remind me!

I have a little book with ten amigurumi animals in it call Vanna's Choice: easy crochet critters. I used this to make the other animals for him and his siblings. But I decided to try to find a new pattern he hadn't seen before. I went onto my favorite website for crochet patterns Ravelry.com. This site is awesome! It's easy to use and has tons of both crochet and knitting patterns. Some you need to purchase, but there are a lot that are free. Like the one I ended up making for the gift. Funny that it was also on the Lion Brand website...

Wiener Dog : free pattern

Here's a few shots with Pretty, just to show how big the dog is.

I put it in the gift bag with some shirts I had got him on top. Poor kid looked disappointed about the clothes, until he saw the dog underneath! I love it when kids light up like that! (hey, Aud, if you have a good picture of it, I'd love to put it up. . .)


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

oh baby you're are so adorable. I love your cheeks and that dog looks so cozy on you.