Spider Bug Buddy Tutorial (bug 3 of 3)

And last but not least, the spider! This one is my son's favorite. I made a proto-type first and discovered that putting the legs closer together coming out of the top of the spider made it look too real... and creepy. But this spider ended up just the right mix of cute and realistic.

Now, to make one yourself!!

  • One fat quarter of fabric
  • small amount of felt in blue and white (for eyes)
  • 1/2" button (for nose)
  • Bug Pattern Pieces (this will give you the pattern for all three bugs)

First cut out all the pieces.

Make the legs by folding them in half and sewing along the long side and one short side at edge of pressure foot. Trim corner and turn.

To make the foot, fold sewn end over 1/2" and sew close to folded edge.

Repeat for all eight legs, but make sure (if you want all the leg seams to face the back) to sew 4 feet one way and the other 4 opposite.

Stuff legs about 2 1/2", then create a knee joint by sewing across the leg. I sewed across it 3 times using my backstitch.

Finish stuffing the legs leaving about 1/2" space for sewing.

Prepare body by sewing 2 body pieces together. Do this twice so you have two halves.

Take one half and pin on 4 of the legs. Make sure to have the feet pointed down and all the seams pointed back. Pin first leg about 2 1/2" from the front, each leg should be about 1/4" apart. Baste legs on.

Repeat on the other side, lining up legs with first side.

You should now have a squashed looking spider:

To assemble the body, sew only one side at a time to make it easier with the legs.

Take the other half of the body and pin to one side. Sew on a 1/2" seam leaving 1" from seam on one end. I like to place 2 pins together to mark where to start.

Tuck all legs inside and pin second half (this takes some patience). Sew second side leaving 1" to seam (2" hole total) at one end.

Clip the seam where you sewed over it.

Turn and stuff. Handstitch the opening closed. Add face by stitching button nose at seam intersection and eyes made from felt.

Enjoy your Spider Bug Buddy!

Spiders say "Rawr!"

Don't forget to make his friends:


Bree said...

All three of these turned out really cute, and thankfully not creepy at all!

seemesew84 said...

I love all three! I featured your bumble-bee and linked to your other two as well on my blog!

Kimberly N said...

That is the sketchiest looking download site I have ever seen. Looks cute but no way I'm clicking on that stuff. I hope there's a good reason you chose to host it there.