Etched Mirrors

Part of the reason I wanted to learn to etch glass is because I have this big simple mirror that I've always wanted to decorate. Of course, I couldn't just start on that first thing. I needed to practice.

I went to the thrift store with my friend and she ended up finding 6 mirror tiles in a box for $4. We decided to split them. Then, when my MIL heard what I was planning to do, she remembered that she had an old box of mirror tiles in the garage. Did I want them? Why yes. Yes I do! Now I have a total of 10 tiles sized 12x12". Let's get etching!!

I started by making 2, one with each of my kids in mind. For Pretty, a lily flower; and for Hero, a bass guitar head. You may recognize the guitar head from this dress I made for Pretty. But I liked the image (and so does the husband) that I decided to use it again.

I printed off the images, traced around them with a sharpie so I knew what I needed to cut out.

After putting the contact paper down, then gluing the images on top, I used the X-acto knife to cut out the pieces and removed them. I also pealed off the paper (but if you can't get it all off, it's ok).

I gobbed on the etching cream, waited, and rinsed.

The flower needed a few touch up spots.

And here they are! Proudly hung in my home. Because I'm not in a permanent home, the mirrors couldn't be permanently stuck either. They are so light that I decided to use 3M Command picture hangers. I love those things.

Now I have 8 tiles left. I'm thinking of writing some funny phrase like, "Yes, Honey. I think you look great."  Anyone want to come etch mirrors with me? What would you do?


Bree said...

Those turned out great!

Lena said...

Those look awesome! I really love the guitar head.

Rochelle said...

I think you should etch family names on them and give them away as Christmas presents. My step mom did that with some baking dishes last year and everyone loved getting a personalized present. - Rochelle