A Bigger Hat

It may seem a little early in the season to be making a winter hat, but we went camping over the holiday weekend and I realized that the only hat Pretty had was the one they sent us home from the hospital with.So I decided to make this adorable hat from the Stitch N *itch Crochet: Happy Hooker book. I've made this hat for all of my nieces  before (2 of them... man, we need more girls) and love it every time.

Sadly, the first go 'round, following the pattern exactly, resulted in this too small hat:

It wasn't until I was done that I looked again at the size that says for 6 mo. and realized if it's like normal sizing that's 3-6 mo... So now I need to add the braids and give it away to someone.

So I added a row at the top where I continued to increase the circumference, too. So now it's a touch too big, but it will fit her all winter as she grows. I love the braids and the colors make me think of a watermelon.

I've already promised to make all 4 of my sister's kids new hats this year, and Hero would probably like one too.


Audrey said...

And we're ALL excited about it, too!!

Lena said...

I have a butt-load of yarn, please feel free to use me for it.