KCWC: signing up with elsie marley

I've had this button on my side bar for about a week now, I don't know how  many of you noticed it:

Click on over to check out the official-ness of it all, but basically, by signing up, you are committing yourself to sew for 1 hour each day working on clothes for the kiddos! At the time of writing this post there were already 335 people signed up! 

I have a few projects in mind, and I'm going fabric shopping tonight to pick up some things for it. I'm excited! I will be sharing my progress through out the week, even if it's minimal. (You may end up staring at pictures of me cutting out patterns. . . I hope that's ok!)

But before that all starts, I have a project I'm going to work on tonight that will help with this upcoming frenzied week of sewing. I'll get it posted as soon as it's done!