KCWC: Day two

Time Spent: 10:45am - 11:15am  and  3:15pm - 4pm

In the morning, Hero is at preschool so I thought I would get the full hour in then (and some), but Pretty decided to stay up until there wasn't quite the full amount of time, so I took time later when Pretty was napping again, and Hero was playing toys and watching a movie.

Project(s) Sewn:  finished skirt for Pretty, belt for Hero, warhol dress for Pretty. . . in that order.

Status: all completed!!

This skirt turned out just as cute as I hoped.

I used Dana's (from Made) formula she wrote for resizing her market skirt to determine the width of each layer, but the length and added ruffles where my idea. I think it turned out a bit to full and plan to try again.

The next attempt will be a bit skinnier, and use different fabrics for the tiny ruffles.

After I finished it yesterday, I put in on her for size and the little princess ended up pooping on it before I got around to taking pictures. So it had to be washed. But I'm glad it worked out that way because it gave the little ruffles time to fray in the wash.

I've been meaning to make Hero a belt for a long time. He outgrew the little ones, but the nice bigger ones are still too big. Enter the madra toddler belt

Last, I up-cycled one of my old band t-shirts. This is from The Ataris concert I went to when I was 18 with some friends. I loved this shirt, but after 2 kids, I just don't fit into it anymore. Shocking, I know. But I just couldn't part with it. Now I'm glad I didn't! It makes a cute dress.

There are designs on front and back that I made sure to center. 

It looks cute layered, too.

I think Hero might be shorted this week. I need to find more projects to make for him. Maybe a 90 minute shirt is in order? (Can you tell I'm a fan of Made?)


Audrey said...

I love it! All of it!

Pretty's skirt is cute, and I like that you put in the little ruffles.

I love Hero's belt, and you've been wanting one for him for a while.

Pretty's warhol dress is super cute, and I want one for my little darling! (Maybe for her birthday . . . hint, hint!)

BTW my word verification is "thizat!" I didn't know blogger was so urban!

dana said...

oh!! It's all so cute! I love that blue shirt you used for the dress. Thanks or sharing with me Vivian!

Lena said...

I am so glad you found a use for your band shirt. You should just steadily make childrens clothes out of all of them. ANd I will hire you to do the same for my kids.