Tattered Chic Skirt

I made me a new skirt, without a pattern, though very much inspired by this denim skirt by Linda of at Craftaholics Anonymous. I even used the tutorial she had for the flower, with my own variation.


I bought this material for my birthday back in April. I had plans to make a shirt out of it, but decided that it was too heavy. Then I thought and imagined and planned. I was scared to cut it out and ruin it because the material was kind of expensive (for me). But I finally just went for it!

I laid down a stretch knit skirt I had. I cut an extra 1/2 on the sides for sewing. However, it ended up a bit loose. I learned that for stretch knit, you need to make it tighter, so if I do it again, I'm just going to cut right on the edge of the old skirt. I also ended up cutting off about 4 inches from the length so my ruffle wouldn't make the skirt too long.


I also cut a 6 in wide band for the top, and 2 bands the entire width of the fabric that were 5 inches to make the ruffle on the bottom.

Since knit doesn't fray, I decided to do exposed seams so they would roll and add some design to the skirt. To show you how I did that, I'll explain the waist band. (I had already sewn the side seams of both skirt and waist band before I took pictures.)

First, against your taught intuition, you need to pin the band to the inside of the skirt with the RIGHT side of the band facing the WRONG side of the skirt.


It should look like this when sewn:


Then, use a seam gauge to make sure it's even, fold the waist band in half and pin with the edge of the waist band past the seam.


Then sew the waist band down with the fabric lining up with the edge of the pressure foot. I also sewed a second line above it to hold down the now hidden seam.


I attached the ruffle in the same manner. I measured about 5/8 of an inch, but after sewing, it left some of my gather stitch exposed, so I would recommend pinning about an inch, but still sewing with the fabric lined up on the edge of  the pressure foot.


After sewing on the ruffle, I took my scissors and cut a line up the ruffle, then rounded the edges to create the slit/gap. I also added the spiral flower from Linda's tutorial, with one difference. I sewed the strip in half, like she said, but then gathered the folded edge to leave the raw edges exposed. That way the flower followed my theme of tattered chic.


This skirt is super comfy and I love it!

vivian skirt 01

vivian skirt 03

ReCap of things I learned for next time:
  1. Cut stretch knit fabric smaller, it stretches...
  2. Take a bigger seam to hide gather stitch (plus it would probably help with the fit to do the same on the sides.)


Bree said...

This turned out really cute! I'm always scared to try sewing knits, but one of these days I'm going to have to try it out.

Toni said...

So cute Vivian.i love all your fun craft ideas as well. You are one talented chic.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

SOOO cute!! love your skirt! What a fun print too. Thanks for letting me know. I love that you took my idea and made it your own. Way to go!!
happy crafting,

Shiree said...

I love that. You make it sound so simple. :)

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

hey girl, just wanted to let you know i featured this today!
best wishes,

Lena said...

This turned out so cute! I am glad you found something to do with that great fabric. I will have to come see it soon.