Road Trip Gifts

My husband's sister and her family are moving across country. They are driving the distance with all they can carry and their children, a boy in elementary school and a toddler girl. WOW. What a trip that's going to be!!

Since we won't be seeing them for 6 months at least, I wanted to give something to let them know we love them, and also to hopefully help with the long drive ahead.

For my niece I made a Black Apple Doll with this free pattern.

A few tips when making this doll. The pattern pieces are on one page you print off. It said to enlarge to 150% before you print, but when I did, it cut off the leg piece. I ended up enlarging it to 140% and there was just enough of a leg to draw in the rest.

Then, make sure to add a seam allowance before you cut the limbs at least. Without it, they are so tiny and it's impossible to turn and stuff. Plus, they just look awkwardly skinny. I added only 1/4" all around.

For the arms, I cut the hands/sleeves with overlap of the two fabrics so the arms would still be the same length.

I looped satin ribbon for the bows on the top and sewed them in the same way as the limbs. I embroidered the face after drawing it on with a pencil. If you choose to embroider, do it before you sew the front to the back.

For my nephew I took this wooden in-box letter keeper and spray painted the bottom with chalkboard paint. I thought it would be a great distraction. Plus it would be useful for any other toys he plays with and with eating; it's just a great lap table. The edge will ensure that the chalk won't roll off, and when they get to their new home, it can be hung on the wall and still hold the chalk and eraser.

I made the eraser by covering a sponge with felt. (I need to make one of these for my own chalkboard).

For the parents, we got them their favorite road trip junk food: sour candy and spicy chips. We will miss these guys so much. We wish you luck in your new adventure!