Blake makes a Blanket

When my husband's grandma came to visit, his cousin came too. Blake is an only child and since he had 2 weeks here I suggested that he make a blanket for his mom. He grumbled, but agreed. We pulled material out of my stash (most of which I stole from my mom's stash...) and picked 4 colors. My favorite moment, Blake said, "My mom likes purple." *mental jaw drop* A 13-year-old boy knows what color is his mom's favorite... and remembered?!

Either way, we worked with what I had. With some encouraging and teasing, I showed Blake how to cut the squares:

Sew them together:

And then tie the blanket:

The only part he didn't do was the edging. It's a little bit more difficult, plus I wanted to try out my new walking foot...

For a kid who's never sewn before, I was mightily impressed that there where only 2 spots in the entire blanket that were noticeably misaligned (and we just covered those with ties!).


Audrey said...

Way to go, Blake!!

Bree said...

Congrats! Only two mistakes?! That's probably better than I would do with my first quilt!