Jewelry Roll

Pretty and Laolao

My husband's grandmother came to visit from Texas for the last 2 weeks. Laolao (grandma) makes jewelry as a hobby. While she was here, she made me 2 sets of  matching earrings and bracelet. I wanted to make her a gift too. After I got that awesome package in the mail, I went through the calender and found a project for a "Jewelry Roll" that I thought it was perfect. Click here for the pattern online.

It was pretty simple, even though the instructions looked a bit complex. And it turned out super cute:

The orange thing in the center is for rings, secured with a snap:

And there are 2 pockets:

It went together quickly; but it would have taken about 30 min less if it weren't for the silly snap:

I've never done snaps you hammer in place before. First, I couldn't get it to work with the suggested spool buffer between the snap and the hammer; the spool smashed in and I ended up using a baby food jar's lid. Then, I ruined one top by not having the correct side facing the fabric so the prongs smashed, but didn't hold (plus I cracked and scratched the pearl top). Next, I ruined on bottom by smashing the point in. This time it was secure and I had to cut it out, repair the hole, and try again. I ended up using a larger snap piece from another pack to use as a protector for the one that ended up on the finished project. Anyone know an easier way of using these?

I also used my walking foot for the first time on this project, and let me tell you, WORTH EVERY PENNY (especially when you get it cheap on Amazon.com)! It was suggested in the pattern to use the walking foot to sew around the edge because you are working with so many layers at that point. I did, and it's excellent! It feeds so evenly that all I had to do was guide it. No shifting, no pulling and fixing. It just worked. Definitely recommend the walking foot!

Things I've learned:

1. Use baby food lid for applying snaps. Or perhaps go buy a kit for it...
2. Walking foot is the best thing ever!!. . . for now. . .