Elastic Organizer

The voting for I'm Made For Competition at Made by Heidi is over and, sadly, my Elastic Organizer (titled "Fabric Corkboard/Chalkboard") was not chosen. Blast. Maybe next time. Good luck to all the ladies who made it in! I'm excited to see the projects they come up with over the next 5 weeks!

As for my project. I love it. And I hope, after seeing more of it, you will too. So, of course, I have more to share!

First, I found this totally awesome frame at a thrift store. I bought the 12x12 flexible cork board at WalMart. It was a 4 pack for $5. The material and elastic I had laying around.


I spray painted for the first time in my life, and it was so much fun! I did the Chalkboard spray paint (found at WalMart) first, then put newspaper over it and sprayed the frame.


I dyed the smaller elastic with kool-aid. I just searched the internet for the how-to, and it said that the blue takes more to get a stronger color. But even with 3 packets and some extra food coloring thrown in, it was still not very dark. Sad.


I used Heat-N-Bond to stick the fabric right onto the cork board. For the elastics I used hot glue to attach them. I had to stretch them pretty tight to make sure they would hold heavier items, and since it was the board was flexible I had to put a book on it to stop it from curling! (and I forgot to take a picture of that madness).

Next, I put the board into the frame and hot glued it down. Wahlah! All done!


This piece can be useful in any room you decide to place it.

The kitchen:

The craft room:

I chose the entryway:

I love it, and I hope you do too!
Change the message to: "Make me, I'm awesome!"

I'll be doing a tutorial on dying the elastic with kool aid soon, as well as making a more portable version of the elastic organizer! Check back soon!


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