Sock Animals - Taiwan Style

For part of our trip, we traveled down to Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan where my Mother-in-law is from. We were lucky to be there during the Lantern Festival.

The lanterns are made by elementary, jr. high and high school aged kids. They are wire frames with fabric stretched over top and lights inside. They were pretty awesome.

I loved this sewing one, with her basket of yarn in front.

There were even some motorized ones, like this ferris wheel Hero and his Ye Ye are checking out.

But the thing that really caught my attention was this booth of sock animals! She gave me her card, but I don't know her name because most of it is in Chinese, but there was a web address in English, here. She designs and makes all the animals herself!

Notice the multi-colored monkeys, the rabbits, frogs, giraffes, clown and cats.

The zebras and the elephants.

The alligator!!

I thought I was so cool for making up my own cow. . . and now that seems pretty insignificant. I stood drooling over the table for 20 minutes before selecting these two darlings to come home with me (for more money than should be spent on such a toy).

I haven't chosen names for them yet, but I will name them.

I love the beading and buttons she used.

I may seem mean and selfish, but this is as close to playing with these animals as Hero (or Pretty) will ever get. These are mine.

There was also a second booth of animals. I loved how she created arms out of the main sock by pinching and sewing a groove into the body (look at the bunny and the cat hanging on the front).

I really need to up my sock animal game. These are just amazing!


Bree said...

Adorable! I really like the ones you chose, especially the elephant.

Rochelle said...

I want the crocodile! and the little kitty next to it. But I have to say, clowns don't normally bother me, but that clown freaks me out! When I have kids, will you make me a crocodile?

Sewing on Sally the Singer said...

WoW! How neat to find all these sock animals on the other side of the world :) !! Want to try your hand at a zebra.. ;) !!??