The Battle of the Bunny

About a year ago, just before Pretty was born, I was using a pattern from my favorite crochet book to make a car seat blanket for her. The book was on the floor and Hero started looking at the pictures. When he found the bunny stuffed animal he looked at me all cute-like and asked, "Can you make a bunny for me, please?"

How can you say no to that?! It was the first time he had ever asked me to make him something. So I dropped the blanket and went to work on this bunny!

Now, I know what you are thinking. "What's up with his eyes?" and "That doesn't look much like the picture."

I have a first edition of the Happy Hooker book and as such, it has a few typos. I didn't look up the corrections they have listed online until after the head was finished and didn't look quite right. By then, I didn't think it worth it to start over. Oh well. Hero was still thrilled with it!

A few months later, Hero found the bunny at the bottom of his stuffed animal bucket and told me it needed eyes. When I pointed to the buttons, he told me those were cheeks. So I snipped off the buttons and moved them.

And that's when the trouble started. Pretty noticed the cute bunny and claimed it as her own. Not just in a casual way, but the attached-favorite-special-toy kind of way. She sleeps with it, carries it around, and if someone else (Hero) is holding it, she drops everything to retrieve it.

For a few months, Hero didn't really care. But last week, he started getting upset that the bunny was his. Technically, he was right, but Pretty was attached. I decided it was easier to make a new one for Hero than try to convince Pretty to take a new one. After all, Hero would probably move on from it in a week anyway, right? So I told Hero that the bunny was Pretty's and he could get a brand new one. He picked the bear this time, helped decide the colors from my yarn stash, and the bear was born.

Pretty had a hard time with me taking these pictures. Here she is reminding me that the bunny is hers.

I tried to do the corrections this time, but didn't have the right sized hook, so I just did with what I had. I think it looks more like a mouse. Opinions?

Hero picked the eyes out himself. I was going to go with flat black ones, but I'm glad he stuck to his guns about these ones. I really like the texture and how they add to the homemade feel of the bear/mouse.

Hero was pretty happy when it was finished.

 "Take a picture of me sleeping."

Of course, two days later, he doesn't much care about it anymore, but at least the arguing over the bunny has stopped.


Erin Shakespear said...

Cute! I love this battle story. And you're a sweet mom for whipping up a great solution. :)