A New Baby.

No. Not for me.

I think, aside from holding your own new little one, holding the brand new baby of someone you love is the best. In this case, it is my sister Audrey's newest baby boy.

Pretty checkin' out the boy taking her "baby-of-the-family" title.

About a week before he was born, my sister was up to her elbows in her Before-the-Baby-Comes To-Do list. I offered to help with whatever she wanted, but all she wanted was a crocheted hat to take the then-gender-unknown child home from the hospital in. I made one boy and one girl hat. The girl hat was my own design (I'll get a picture and pattern together for you soon). But it was this little newsie hat that was needed when baby boy Graham appeared.

*taken by his Mommy. Doesn't he look like a doll?

*taken by his Mommy

Audrey put the hat on him for the ride home, and for these pictures, but told me that the hat is just bit snug. So while the pattern says for newborn, average sized Graham found it a bit small. Maybe it's premie/newborn sized. Because this hat is so adorable, Audrey (and her hubby) requested a slightly larger size to wear now through the crazy "Utah Spring" weather (which is not to be confused with actual Spring). I increased the hat by 5 stitches in the 4th row to make it just over an inch bigger around. Everything else is the same.

Well, except for the contrasting strap. I could say I did it to make it easier for them to tell the two hats apart. Or to match the blanket. But really, I ran out of the dark green yarn! (and I just realized that I didn't do the bottom border either...oops... would that look weird in the light green?)

The blanket is from this pattern here. It's a bit bigger than I would normally make crochet blankets, being crib sized instead of car seat friendly small. But this pattern was so pretty, I fell in love! 

Check out this border detail. An easy and great pattern.

 I love to crochet, and I'm always happy when I'm making gift for sweet little babies! Welcome to the world, Graham. We are happy to have you!

*taken by his Mommy


Bree said...

SO adorable!!!

Oh dear...I can't wait until August for my own little guy to get here! I think he's going to need a hat like this. :)

Amanda said...

Oh what a cutie! The hats are lovely also!

Good luck with your shop, those monsters are fab, I'm sure you will do really well.

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