Twin Dresses

My sister-in-law and her family recently moved across the country. While they were here for Christmas, I decided that I would make matching dresses for her little girl and Pretty. I chose the "Pretty as a Picture" pattern from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings.

Her patterns seem to run a bit large. But I love that it comes in bigger sizes (up to 24 mo.) anyway. This means there's much more time to use the patterns. The girls are almost a full year apart in age; but being only an inch apart, they both measured out the the same size. I added about an inch in length to my niece's dress (on the left). Pretty's (10 months old) fits her a bit loose, but the 12 month size fits my 20 month old niece perfectly.

The hardest part of the whole process was picking the fabric for the center panels! There was a lot of voting by all the family in for the holidays, but I ended up picking some others that I hadn't shown them for the voting part. I wonder if they feel rejected? Even if they do, everyone liked the results.

Once I had the picking and cutting out done, the actual sewing part took only a couple hours to complete (per dress). I love that there are no fasteners. Just a wrap top that opens and some elastic in the waist.

please excuse my drooling slobber-monkey of a daughter ;o)

The dresses were a big hit!

*out of respect for parents' wishes, my niece's pictures won't appear here, but trust me, they looked SO CUTE together. :o)


Bree said...

These are adorable! I don't know what the other center panel choices were (obviously!), but I really like what you chose.