Phantom Photographer

Have you ever wished that there was someone on call who could show up and take pictures of cute moments between you and your kids? I wouldn't want someone following me around all the time because there are plenty of moments I don't want recorded.

But this morning when I pulled out a new kit of play-dough (4 colors and a bunch of animal cutters), it was one of the moments.

We were all still in PJs with bedhead and sleepy eyes, but it was just a nice moment.

Pretty wasn't sure about the texture, and she only tried to eat it once (I didn't even let it get there).

Her bottle was more appealing.

The animals bonked into each other.

And they needed band-aids.

And to help him feel better, the elephant needed a nap.

Play-dough is amazing, isn't it?

After this, we played Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. Did you know that when you aren't hitting the arrows enough, the voice that normally shouts encouragement (when you are doing well) will turn on you? We were booed. So mean!

look at that air!

Maybe I don't want that part of this morning photographed.