"A Handyman's Dream!"

I currently live in my in-law's basement. It has been a great experience for many reasons. One is that I am learning how to cook more Chinese dishes from my mother-in-law. My husband sure is a fan of that! 

While we are happy with our current living situation, the goal is to find and buy a home in the fall. Since I know next to nothing about buying a home, I have been asking advice from family and friends. I have also been searching for homes online. I'm a bit skeptical with how fantastic the agents make the homes sound in their descriptions, especially when there aren't pictures to prove it. There is one phrase I have learned to avoid. The phrase is, "a handyman's dream home!" The close second is, "great home needs some love!"

Oh boy.

But what is funny to me is that about a month ago, I found this little guy at the thrift store for $12, and decided it was worth getting and fixing up.

It has a pretty front,

an open back for play,

but it is definitely a handyman special. With all the carpet ripped out and the window glass busted out,

the paint chipped

and the wallpaper peeling.

Plus it's just plain dirty and dusty.

This little house sure needs a lot of love.


*Zoe* said...

Wow, What a great project!
Zoe x

Sewing on Sally the Singer said...

Think of it as your 'practice home'!! Try out different paints and flooring!! =) Looks like fun to me!

Anonymous said...

Its got great bones! Nice starter house. I am excited to see the end result and I am looking for one of these also. P.S. I saw someone use scrapebook paper for the wall paper. And the outlet looks like a ghost.