The "New" Machine

The day before Christmas, I decide to make Pretty her doll.

I get sewing, and after 2 arms and 1 leg of the doll, my machine starts doing this:

That's right. There was a problem with the tension of the top thread. Meaning there was no tension.

I did all the tricks I knew to fix it.     Nothing.

I read my owner's manual.     Nothing.

I call my mom and tried her tricks.     Nothing.

It just keeps sewing crappy. I called a few places about fixing it, and it's an $70 - $80 repair/cleaning/service (for a machine that cost $100), and they were 2 weeks out!


Luckily, I live in my in-law's basement and my MIL has a sewing machine that she lets me borrow!

I sewed the doll, and I have fallen in love with this 30-year-old awesome machine!

It has exposed thread line, and tension that works.

My favorite thing is the reverse lever. Not sure why, but it makes me smile.

I might not give it back. :o)