Starting to Sell!

I'm finally doing it! After a lot of research and some gentle encouragement from my sweet husband (and other family and friends), I'm starting to sell the sock animals I make. Besides the ones you've seen, I'm working on making a few other animals, like Giraffes, Frogs, and maybe a Bunny! If you have any requests, I'll see what I can do!

Let me be honest with you all. When I first started this blog, I had grand dreams of becoming an awesome clothing pattern maker. I would make up my own kid's clothes patterns that would be so amazing, everyone would buy them and make me rich!

And then I realized that I'm not all that great at making up new clothes designs... and I have no idea how to make great clothing patterns... so that's going to take me a few years to figure out, if I ever do figure it out.

But while sewing and creating for this blog, I've found a different talent I wasn't aware I had. And that's making toys!! I love making stuffed animals for my kids! However, there is a massive pile of stuffed animals in my house already. So rather than stop doing something that makes me happy, I'm going to start selling them so that they can find love in another child's arms. So please, check out my shop with the new sock animals for sale. They are all one of a kind, handmade by me. And they are all soft and lovable.

 My Pretty sure seems to like them all. She has hugged every single one.


Amanda said...

Well done! I'm sure your shop will be a huge success, that cow is just too cute!

Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

Congratulations and good luck!!

Fat Chick Adventurer said...

It's a huge step you've taken but it's so nice you have the backing of your friends and family. I love the elephant myself! Best of luck to you.

Vanessa at Rescued Goods said...

Congratulations! These animals are so sweet! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful. Congratulations and lots of luck with the shop!


Make Me Over said...

Your toys are absolutely adorable! Best of luck to you with the business :)