Parade! Yay?

I took my kids to our city celebration parade this morning. It's the first parade for both of my kids. I don't remember going to many parades growing up... I thought it would be fun for them!

I left in pretty good time, but I forgot to grab the shade for Pretty's part of the double stroller. I also forgot my camera, so these are from my phone. 

I parked in a neighborhood, and walked to try and meet up with a friend of mine. I never did get to her, because it was too far to walk to where she was from where I parked. So we stopped on the side of the parade route and sat alone.

And about 5 minutes into the parade, Hero asked to go home. . . then made this face for the rest of the time.

I had snacks and water for them, and Hero just played with his action figures he had brought. This is the only reason we lasted as long as we did. Pretty seemed to like it a bit more. She loves to wave at people, so it was awesome. Plus, she was a fan of the little flags that were given out. Hero rejected his, and Pretty was good with two!

In the end, we had to leave before the parade was over because Hero needed a bathroom and Pretty was tired of being confined. Luckily, we found the porta-potties in time, and Pretty fell asleep. This was the best part of the whole experience.

Today's adventure leads me to believe that the reason I don't remember going to parades when I was young is because my parents knew already what I discovered today: parades are boring. Next year, I'll hope to sleep in instead!