Winner! Winner!

Having recently entered an alarming amount of giveaways, trying to win a Silhouette machine, the numbers of comments can get into the thousands on the first day! Compared to that, 40 might seem small. . . but 40 comments is a record number for this little blog, and I'm thrilled!! I know I'm not giving stuff away on every post, but I'd love to keep getting comments, and it's even better when your email address is linked to your profile, because then I can reply to you personally in email! Now, who wouldn't want that?

Now, without further ado, random.org has chosen!!

 And number 19 is:

Congrats, Talina!! Looks like you get to personalize your little girl's stuff all you want!! Send me an email by Monday night to claim your prize and I'll get you in contact with Sarah! (If she doesn't make the deadline, I'll pick a new winner on Tuesday.)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody!!

(On a side note, I totally learned how to copy/paste the two pictures just barely using this tutorial. Awesome. I love learning new things!!)


Lena said...

Yay for Talina! Now you have no excuse to a little crafty!

Talina said...

Whoo-hoo! Of all the giveaways I have ever entered, this is my favorite . . . probably because I actually won, but still :)
Thanks CWC and I can't wait to work with Sarah. I LOVE her stuff!