I made a sock elephant!

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Over the weekend, when the girl and the hubby where taking naps, and when I should have been doing some sort of cleaning, I finally took the time to figure out how to make the sock elephant! Here's the result of my Saturday afternoon:

Hero calls it his baby elephant. The orange one is the original I brought back from Taiwan. He calls that one the Mommy elephant, even though the green one is bigger. I think that's funny, but appropriate, since the orange one is mine that I will never let him play with.

I had thoughts of selling this one, but when I was sitting on the couch putting it together, Hero asked with wide eyes, "Is that baby elephant. . . for me?" Can't argue with that, especially when it's the first one I've ever made.

Last week, I also made a new monkey:

and a new cow:

I was super excited to stitch on my first labels!! They look great, don't you think?

Hope your weekend was filled with some fun too!


Hilary said...

That orange elephant is, by far, the cutest sock-animal I've EVER seen!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Lots of luck with your sales!

Gifts By Katherine said...

Oh these are wonderful!I'm so happy I visited your blog today. I'm following Hugs!

Lena said...

That is a way cool elephant! I am glad that Hero liked it so much too.

StaceyN said...

Omg you did a wonderful job! They look adorable. <3

Talina said...

I love these animals! I know that David really wants one for our little girl. I'll have to show him these pics and see if he still wants a monkey or if he wants one of these other great ones. Either a monkey or an elephant will fit the nursery's jungle theme :)