Remember this pile of squares? Well, after a bit more work, each pair became . . .

A Christmas Angel. . .

Pattern found here

Each angel was given a name tag with the year stitched on the back.

Each year, my parents give the whole family ornaments. When I was growing up we used to get 2. One from them and one from a great grandmother who had been dead for years. . . I know that sounds weird. But this amazing woman had crocheted so many little ornaments that there were enough for everyone in the extended family, down to us great grandchildren, for 5 years after she was gone. I'm not sure how she did that!

I offered to make these a year ago, as a bit of a return to days of our childhood. 14 Angels at almost 2 hours of work per angel = 28 hours of love! Good thing I started making these back in July!

I love the homemade ornaments. They add personality. Now, I may change my tune in a few years (like Vanessa over at V and Co. here and here, she cracks me up!) but I was super excited to have Hero bring home this cute little star from pre-school to hang on our tree!

He's so talented. *gush*


Lena said...

I was totally right!!! They are angels!!

Vivian said...

Yes, Lena, you were right!! I kept forgetting to tell you that!