Lost in Translation

It turns out that I'm the jerk. I hate it when that happens!

I have been emailing back and forth with Myriam. She speaks French and I do not. I was using an online translator. I was under the impression that she was listing my entire blog under her blog. There was always a banner at the top when I would click over. It was frustrating me and I asked her to take it down, to please only use text links.

After a few emails, it became clear to me that we were not understanding each other. So I enlisted the help of my sister-in-law who speaks fluent French. She helped me to understand that Myriam was only listing links as I asked her to, but her host site of over-blog.com would catch the clicks by adding their banner over top of my site. When I see it, it is in English, but I'm starting to wonder if it translates it into French...

Either way, while I was in the process of figuring this out with the help of my sis-in-law, Myriam was getting upset and wrote a post complaining about me and telling her readers to not come to my blog. And now that I see what's going on, I completely understand her anger.

So this is to apologize to her and to her readers who have been linking over. I did not mean to offend. This whole thing was a bad joke of bad translation. I hope she forgives me, and if she never wants to link me again, I'm just going to have to respect that.

It still bothers me that over-blog.com would put my blog under their banner. But Myriam didn't do it.

So again, I'm sorry, Myriam.


Lena said...

That sucks. I hate it when you put your foot in your mouth. I did that a few months ago, and I felt lower than dirt. It sucks to hurt other peoples feelings. I hope that she forgives you. It really looks like it was an honest mistake.