Pretty's Black Apple Doll

I have plans to make Pretty a large fabric doll that has several outfits for her to change and play with. But at 9 1/2 months old, she is too young for such things. But a Black Apple Doll is perfect. Perfect size and no loose clothes or accessories to worry about.

So that's what I made her for Christmas. 

I love the flowers in the hair and on the dress. And my embroidery is getting better. . . sort of. . .

From the moment Pretty saw this doll, she has been in love! I've never seen a child attach so quickly to a toy as she did to this doll! She clings to it at night, when she's tired or upset. And with our house being attacked by the cold virus this last week, she's had plenty of upset moments where only giving her this doll has worked to calm her down.

look at the whites of her fingers with how hard she's gripping it!

It warms my heart every time I see her clutching it to her.

Or inspecting the flowers.

Or giving it kisses.

I love this doll, and I LOVE that Pretty loves it!