Rockin' Boy Slippers Tutorial

These slippers were supposed to be part of Hero's Christmas. But then my machine decided to die. . . so I didn't get to them before the holiday. (I was also going to make a matching set for Jake, but that might never happen. What's cute as matching Christmas gifts isn't as much on every other day. . .).

Anyway, ready to make these adorable slippers?!

  • Pair of kid's shoes
    • Hero is a size 8, but you can adjust for different sizes
  • 1/2 yard each of 2 coordinating flannel fabrics. 
    • (I bought a yard each and it was way too much, and I think 1/2 yd will give you plenty!)
  • 1/2 yard of Fusible Fleece
  • 1" thick High-Density Foam
  • Jiffy Grip
  • 1/2" wide elastic
  • matching thread
  • other basic sewing supplies
-------------Make Pattern---------

The first step is to make your pattern. These are Hero's every day tennis shoes.

Start with tracing one shoe's sole onto paper.

To make the toe part of the pattern, measure across the top of the shoe starting and stopping just above the rubber sole (1). Mine was 5". Then measure from the center tip of the toe to how far back you want it to come (2). Mine was 3". From these measurements, make the toe pattern. Add 1" to each number for seam allowance.

 The last piece doesn't really need a pattern since will be a rectangle. Measure from the sole to the top of the shoe in the back center (I got 2"). Lastly, measure around the back of the shoe from side to side on the rubber sole part. You will want to over lap with the toe portion by at least an inch (I got 11"). Add an inch each way for seam allowance and I end up with 3" x 12".

Using a ruler, add 1/2" seam allowance all around the sole pattern.

------------Cut Out Pieces-------------

Cut out your pattern pieces. Cut the 2 soles out of the lining fabric and the jiffy grip.

Cut off the 1/2" seam allowance. Lay sole onto foam and trace. Flip pattern over and trace a second time. Cut out the traced soles.

Make a mark on the back center of the cut out sole and use the mark to measure around the sole. I got 17". Add one inch and cut a long rectangle 2" wide by your length. Mine is 2" x 18", cut 2.

Cut out 2 each of both fabrics and fusible fleece for toe pattern piece and back rectangle. You should now have all these pieces:

* this picture shows the shape of the first draft back piece. I ended up scrapping this shape and using the rectangle described in the pattern making section above.

I suggest separating the sole pieces into two piles for right and left to make sure you don't mix them up later. the lining and jiffy grip will sandwich around the foam soles with wrong sides on the foam.

-----------Assemble Slippers--------------

Iron the fusible fleece to the linings of the toe and back pieces.

Pin and sew the toe lining to the outer fabric with right sides facing along the straight edge. Use a 1/2" seam.

Turn and press. Baste along raw curved edge on 1/4" seam.

Pin and sew lining and outer fabric with right sides facing on two short sides and one long side of back pieces. Use 1/2" seam.

Trim corners. Turn and Press. Baste along raw edge on 1/4" seam.

Cut 2 lengths of elastic 3" long each.

Lay the back piece down with lining fabric up. Find the center of the back piece and place a pin.

Measure 5" and place a pin at each end. Make sure it is centered over the center pin. Pin the elastic to one end about 1/2 in down from sewn edge. Use a zig-zag stitch to sew elastic down. Stretch elastic to reach the last pin.

It will look like this afterward.

Take one sole lining and back piece. Pin together with linings facing each other. Try to match the back centers as best you can.

Sew on 1/2" seam.

Pin toe piece onto the lining over top of the back piece with linings facing. Do your best to match centers. The toe will over lap by about 1 inch on each side.

Sew on 1/2 in seam, back stitch at start and stop.

Fold long rectangle in half with right sides facing. Sew 1/2" seam on short side.

Press seam open.

 Pin onto the jiffy grip with the seam at the back center. Sew on 1/2" seam.

Here's what you should have now.

Pin the assembled slipper top to the bottom/side piece you just made. Leave an opening of about 4" for turning.

Sew on a 1/2" seam, backstitch at start and stop.

Turn right side out. Use the opening to insert the foam sole piece. Take your time to move the foam in the proper place, and have the seams run along the side of the foam piece.

Pin the opening closed and hand stitch closed.

The last step is to pin and hand stitch the toe piece to the back piece along the top edge of the toe piece.

DONE! (well, except for the second one...)

Put it on your kid and enjoy the warm toes!

At first, I was worried that the toe portion didn't come up high enough on his foot. But they stay on great and with the bigger opening, Hero can put them on by himself!

 Obviously, these could be made for a girl. Just switch the colors, maybe add a cute flower or ribbon. There are a lot of options!



Suddenly, after having the thing for a month, I decided to dive into the doll house project. I first took it outside where I decided it would be better to replace the roof than sand it down and repaint it. There was a great sense of satisfaction in ripping it off! Then I discovered I could rip the whole second floor out! This made is so much easier to work on. I don't know about you guys, but breaking stuff seems just as much fun as making stuff!

Any-who, here's a picture of the house after spending 3 hours in a hunched position scraping off all the "wallpaper" and sticker pictures and carpet residue with a razor blade.

After sanding it, painting the whole inside white with acrylic paint and a foam brush. And spray painting the entire outside white out in the cold weather (my poor frozen fingers!), I painted each of the rooms. I tried to pick colors I would like in a real house. But before I get comments about it, I would not make my real house this busy. Or paint a room pink like that. But it is a doll house. There had to be a pink room. (And yes, Audrey, I picked the gray because of how awesome it looks in your real house!)

Here's close ups of the top floor. Hero picked the red for "his room".

 The bottom floor (living room and kitchen). I love the pinstripes in the kitchen!!

There is still a lot to do with this project. All the flooring, one of the stairs is missing, the "yard" in the front, the shutters around the windows, the roof. . . and once that's all done there's the curtains (yes, I'm nuts and plan to make curtains for the little windows), and we'll see how crazy I get making vs. buying the furniture and dolls themselves. I have a feeling those will mainly be bought.

Sad news is I think I have to pause on the project at this point for a while. I have a bunch of sewing I've been ignoring for the Taiwan trip that I leave for in 2 weeks (btw, thanks for the suggestions)! But luckily, I'm happy with where it is at the moment.