Nice to Meet You

This is me, but a little edited. . . my eyes aren't that blue...

I learned to sew from my mom starting in Jr. High. She taught me well, but I after school I didn't much care for it. I got my own sewing machine as a gift for my college graduation. What did I graduate in? Emergency Medical Education. So why the sewing machine? Well, my sister got one for her graduation gift and I'm the stereotypical little sister who had to have what her sister had. My mom got me the most basic model, thinking I'd never use it.

She was kind of right...

The machine sat in my closet for almost 2 years, being pulled out on occasion. Then I offered to sew my soon to be sister in law's wedding dress (with my mom on stand-by). It was so satisfying that I wanted to keep sewing! I made my son's Halloween costume and bags for a service project, and the list goes on. The sewing machine now had a permanent place in my living room.

While I've always done well with patterns, I have just started trying to sew without them. Make it up and be brave. Sometimes it's super scary to cut into beautiful fabric just hoping that it will work out! But that's what I'm starting to do, and it's working out well so far.

I also like to crochet, hot glue stuff, paint, and occasionally I'll dabble in some knitting. I like learning new tricks.

This is my family:

While this blog is devoted to craftiness, crafts is what I do in between the daily life of being a wife to an overworked murse (male nurse), Jake; and a mother to an energetic and stubborn 5-year-old, Hero; a sweet and girly 3-year-old, Pretty; and my easy-going and mischievous baby, Dragon.

I hope I can inspire you to push forward, take risks and craft!