This is my shameless attempt to get an awesome makeover! Before I moved into my first house almost a year ago, I spent the week between closing on the house and moving in at the new house super late every night. I was cleaning, shampooing carpets, and most importantly, painting! Sadly, I only took the time to paint the two kids' rooms. They look great (check them out here and here), but I didn't have time to do my room. I figured I'd tackle it soon...

But then I was sick with my pregnancy and the meds wiped me out. Too tired to do any of that, I still haven't done anything to make my room awesome. It would be SA-WEET to have Mandi and Hailee come to my house and make this room EPIC! I'm officially entering the contest to win a new room!!

My room is awesome, but it needs color! And style! Let me walk you through it (um, sorry in advance about the bathroom over-share...)

To make sure you caught it all, check out these still photos. And since I know someone will wonder, I've got awesome family to help me with the kids if I were lucky enough to win!

possibly included master bath?

Please vote for me! I would really love this space to be awesome, and I know this makeover would be just the thing!