This is my shameless attempt to get an awesome makeover! Before I moved into my first house almost a year ago, I spent the week between closing on the house and moving in at the new house super late every night. I was cleaning, shampooing carpets, and most importantly, painting! Sadly, I only took the time to paint the two kids' rooms. They look great (check them out here and here), but I didn't have time to do my room. I figured I'd tackle it soon...

But then I was sick with my pregnancy and the meds wiped me out. Too tired to do any of that, I still haven't done anything to make my room awesome. It would be SA-WEET to have Mandi and Hailee come to my house and make this room EPIC! I'm officially entering the contest to win a new room!!

My room is awesome, but it needs color! And style! Let me walk you through it (um, sorry in advance about the bathroom over-share...)

To make sure you caught it all, check out these still photos. And since I know someone will wonder, I've got awesome family to help me with the kids if I were lucky enough to win!

possibly included master bath?

Please vote for me! I would really love this space to be awesome, and I know this makeover would be just the thing!


Jackie said...

I hope you win and they make you a totally cool space. I could use a cool creative space myself...do they build though, because I need something from the ground up.

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

VIV! You are SO cute!!! I would love to come and help you rip out that wallpaper (why did they put it to the floor?!!) Thank you so much for entering and good luck!!

love your guts