My little Dragon

Wow. Am I the meanest blogger ever? I tell you a week ago that I will be having my baby the next day and then nothing....

Well, sorry to make you wait, but meet my newest little guy, Dragon. His "code name" for the blog is the English translation of his Chinese middle name, just like the other kids.

Look at all that hair!! All of my kids have come out with hair, but his is by far the thickest.

This little guy came into the world fast! The time line went something like this:

11:30 am: check into the hospital for induction.

12:00 pm: IV placed after 3 tries, resulting in some of the prettiest bruising I've ever had.

12:30 pm: Doctor tells me he will check my progress and break my water. I ask for an epidural before he breaks the water, because I know I go fast once that happens (Hero was just under 3 hours, Pretty was just under 2). He doesn't think I'll progress fast enough to miss getting one, and before I know it, he's broken the water and started a slow drip of Pitocin. (see where this is going?)

12:45 pm: Intense contractions with major pain in my lower back making me scream. Beg for the epidural. All anesthesiologists are occupied in surgeries.

12:55 pm: Nurse says, "You're a 9" and runs to get a doctor, since mine was currently involved in a surgery next door. I look at Jake and tell him in a panic, "He's coming! He's coming without an epidural! I can do this. I can do this." (I was totally trying to convince myself of this...)

1:07 pm: Amid the deepest, throatiest, manliest screams I've ever made, my baby is here in two pushes. BAM. and OUCH!

Good thing he's cute, eh?


Morrigan said...

Gorgeous! :-))

Shelly and Sean said...

Wow, he was in a hurry. You rock! An he is pretty stinking cute.

Fat Chick Adventurer said...

He is absolutely beautiful! Congrats to you and your family :)

Make Me Over said...

Congrats! Looks like he's going to take after you ;)

Lori said...

A BIG CONGRATS to the family.
He is adorable. Just look at those gorgeous eyes. And that hair. Wow.
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Corinne said...

Congratulations! Next time a doctor tries to break your water before giving you an epidural you should kick him in the face to stop him! He is really cute though, I think he looks more like you than your other two :)

Jackie said...

I love hearing birthing stories. Both of my kids were born quickly, too. I was able to get an epidural for the first one who arrived 3 hours after I got to the hospital: I got there at 2pm he arrived at 5:05 pm. The second baby: I remember being on the interstate at 6pm, looking at the clock in the ER at 6:20, and she was born at 7:29pm. I was at 8cm when they checked me, and calm, which I think confused the nurses, they were expecting otherwise. I didn't want an epidural with her because my back hurt so much from the first time around afterwards. I did get something for the pain but I don't think there was enough time for it to kick in before she was born, it was close though.