Summer! And now on Twitter!

Hey everyone. I'm slowly trying to work my way back into a more regular crafting schedule. This summer has been awesome with swimming lessons where the biggest goal was learning to back float.

Watch the video and tell me, would you believe the first lesson he refused to get in the water?

We've been hiking, and eating watermelon.

Doesn't she make this look so good?!

And later today, we will be taking the kids on their first sleep-in-a-tent camping trip. I'm excited to start doing these type things with my family! 

But I have a few crafty things coming up. I'm joint hosting a baby shower next week, so I'll get to show off a few things from that. Plus, I'm still trying to sell my sock creations in my shop, Lively Designs

And here's something new! I've just joined Twitter. I'm a bit slow when it comes to the social sites. I finally joined MySpace when all of my friends had switched to FB. But now, you can follow me on FB (here), add pictures of things you've made from my tutorials on Flickr (here, I would LOVE to see it!), and on Twitter @CraftwConfdence. (Before you ask, yes. There are letters missing. I just couldn't fit it all in!). Whew! I did it. I'm finally "in" and "cool". Maybe not. Who knows.

Have an awesome weekend! And let's pray that sleeping on the ground in a tent with two kids and a snoring husband for two nights doesn't result in a sad murder/murder/murder/suicide.