Bright Robots for a Baby

A good friend of mine just had her 3rd baby, a sweet little boy. I wanted to make her something useful, but cute. Because this is baby #3 and boy #2, I knew it didn't have to be super baby-ish. I went to the store and when I found these robots, I had to get them! 

I used the yard of flannel to make one Straight-Jacket Swaddler, and three burp cloths. It would have been two, but I found some orange flannel floating around in my stash!

The swaddler sews up so fast, it really is an easy gift to make.

And it's so useful. My friend's husband loves it, and without knowing I called this already, dubbed it the straight jacket! Great minds think alike, right?!

The burp cloths are simple, I copied my sister who made me 20, (yes 20!), when I had Pretty. Just cut the rectangles 20 in x 8 in, sew right sides together, flip, and top stitch around the outside. She also sews a line down the center, going the short way, so the fabric doesn't shift with washes.

 I love how bright it all is!! Who says baby things need to be muted or pastel?

Congrats, Heather, on your adorable baby!!


Lena said...

Speaking of the baby straight jacket....I was visiting my cousin and her 4 1/2 lb baby at the U hospital the other day and she was saying that she always kicks out of her wrappings, but is so much happier when she is in the fetal position (cause technically she hasn't reached her due date yet) and I thought of you. Do you know if there is anything out there that is like those swaddlers for a baby that small? Long story for a short question.

carrs said...

I love the straight jacket. Thank you! I love the design as well.