"Girly" Dresses

Spoiler, Audrey! Don't let Rora see this!!

For my niece Rora's birthday, my sister asked that I make some Warhol dresses. I went to the thrift store and found two t-shirts for under $4 each.

This first one was made from a Women's XL fitted tee. Because it has been a while since I last made one, I misread the instructions and didn't make the tie long enough by half. Oops! I realized it while I was pinning it in place.

And then, because of the size of the shirt, I didn't have enough to make the second half. Rather than using a different shirt (because all I had was white, *boring*, or black, * Halloween-esk*) I  decided to use the short tie and add a button closure.

And to make the blue button less random, I added a flower using this tutorial with a second button in the center. Instead of using pinking shears, I used regular scissors and melted the edges with a candle after it was sewn on.

The second dress was from a Men's XL. This shirt was brand new with tags still on! The perfectly matching contrasting tie was just the inside of the shirt.

I love the fact that these adorable dresses are not in stereotypical girl colors, but they are still pretty girly. It fits her personality perfectly. I hope she (and her mommy) like them!

Happy Birthday, Rora!


Audrey said...

I LOVE them, and I'm pretty sure Rora will, too!!