the first wave of advent ornaments

Since I had already made the first part, I wasn't paying too close attention to the assignments. 2 weeks ago, when I read, "cut out your tree shape" I moved on and thought I had done that so I was still good. Then this last week the assignment was, "Make another 8 ornaments." 

Um. Another 8?

And then, of course, I was making baby shoes, so here is what I was able to accomplish since I started on Saturday night. 15 of the 16 isn't bad!

Holly Berry, Drum, Mitten, and Candy cane

Gifts 1, 2, and 3

Dove, Buddy the Elf, and Stockings for each kid

Baby Jesus, Angel, 3 Wise Men, The Shepherd's Sheep

There are several I used the template provided at Homemade by Jill, but the ones I made up are by far my favorites. Even the stockings that I used the template, I added little stitched names and it makes it that much more personal. I learned new tricks making these. I've never known how to do the edging called a blanket stitch. And I learned how to do a French knot, which is what I used for all the eyes and for the hair on Buddy the Elf.

Anyway, these are the ones I'm really proud of:

Baby Jesus in a Manger  

The 3 Wise Men
(This is the one that kept me up until 1am last night)

The Angel
(with an Asian husband, my red-headed self will always be outnumbered, 
so I had to do the red hair. . . not to say I think I'm an angel...)

True Candy Cane
(maybe you've heard this story, but supposedly it's only a true candy cane if it has one large stripe for the Atonement, and 3 little stripes for the Godhead, so I added in the little ones)

The Shepherd's Sheep
(I didn't want to make yet another tiny person, so I decided the sheep could represent for the Shepherd in the Christmas story)

Buddy the Elf
(if you haven't seen the movie ELF, you are missing out!!)

This is so much fun! And after pushing through 15 ornaments in 3 days, I think finishing the last 9 in a week is going to be a sinch!


Bethany said...

WOW!!! I saw these on the flickr pool from Homemade by Jill and I just had to come visit your blog. These are wonderful!!!! Awesome job!!!

Monarch of MePlease!! said...

Those are so cute!! Such an easy way to make a very homey christmas tree! Something you don't find too much anymore since decorating has gone so 'look elegant/crazy/classy or else!'

These are ornaments I imagine on a traditional christmas tree, right next to a chair with doily armrests and a red brick fireplace.
So, now that we have the ornaments- where can we get the rest of that stuff?!

Lena said...

Those are amazing! I love that Buddy the Elf one, totally original. I can't wait to see it all put together, it will be awesome.

Louisa said...

I love your ornaments! The nativity ones are my favorite! I look forward to seeing the others that you make!