Easy-Peasy Pincushion (a mini tutorial)

For my sister's birthday, I decided to make her a bunch of new pincushions. (Ok, so the plan wasn't for this many. . .) I started by making her a wrist pincushion from this tutorial. This was the project that I was so frustrated with my machine and turned out to be the final one on my old Brother. Because of time and grumpiness, I didn't get to take a picture of it.

So the first project sewn on my new machine was the flower pincushion by Anna Maria Horner. Even printing out the pattern and seeing how big the pieces were didn't prepare me for the size of this pincushion. It's big, really pretty, but big. Knowing that Audrey would want smaller, I decided to make some more like mine. But what am I going to do with a big pincushion? So she still gets it.

 When I bought my little silver tins from the thrift store, I only got the two I needed and left the other 5. I still kick myself for that. I love my pincushions! So to make my sister's I went back and searched in vain for little silver containers. In the end, I found some good options and brought them home.

To make this easy pincushion, just cut about a 6 in diameter circle (I used a cereal bowl for a template). Sew a gather stitch around the edge, gather and stuff. I put a bit of sawdust in first so the pins will go through it. I don't know how true it is, but I grew up being taught that because of the natural oil in wood, it would keep your pins smoother and in better condition longer.

yup, I really do label stuff like that...

Anyway, sawdust first, then fiberfill until it's firm. Lastly, pull the thread tight and tie the ends together so it won't separate.

Then just use hot glue on the inside of your cute container (I love the little flowers on this one!) and shove the cushion in. I go around the edge of the cushion, moving it aside and adding more glue so it's very secure.

And that's it! Easy-peasy pincushion! And so cute, too!

So, 4 pincushions and a pack of new pearly pins makes for a good gift. And for too many pincushions. I hope you find use for them all, Aud.


Unknown said...

I would not have the patience for those pleats you were making in your next post! i love your little pin cushions!