Bass Guitar Dress

When I saw Dana's WARHOL dress over at Made, I fell in love with it! I knew I had to make one for my baby girl. I used a almost new maternity shirt that I bought way cheap near the end of my last pregnancy. It was so comfy and cute, but was pulling apart at the seam above the bust. I love that it has a band at the bottom and though it would be a cute addition to the dress.

Dana's dress has an image "inspired by Andy Warhol's famous album cover art for the Velvet Underground". I, however, (maybe I'll be shot for this) don't know who Andy Warhol is. And while the banana is awesome, I felt I should do something else. When I met my husband, he played bass for a band. He still owns several basses, and plays for me and the kids occasionally. So I picked the head of a bass. I used Picnik to create this image:

And turned it into this:

I love how the plum purple compliments the dark teal color of the dress. The white came from an old t-shirt of my husband's.

The dress is made for a 6-12 mo. size. Pretty is 4 1/2 months, so it looks silly long on her right now. But she's growing fast, so I didn't want to size it down for her. 

All of the supplies I had already. Don't you love it when that happens? I love the way it turned out and plan to make more for her soon.


Audrey said...

This is really cute!! I love it!

Rochelle said...

I heart your new blog, viv. And I think you would know who Andy Warhol is if you saw one of his more famous pieces. You know that colorful picture of Marilyn Monroe? That's him. He also did that famous picture of a Campbell's soup can. Anyway... super awesome! - Rochelle

Lena said...

I love the way that turned out! I want one too!